The subtle movements of the masseur, songs and soothing senses that guiding oils, fragrances, fragrances, good luck at the mandate of the massaged person.

Massage rhythm, massage treatment, nature rhythms very much like a wave giving itself to the movement of a wave. It is through this experience that the felt state can be made to soothe the senses completely and to make the springs of the source itself.


    bring a state of relaxation?
    Healing the mind
    helps in restoring the Recruitment service
    increased energy levels in the body
    Cramps relax your muscles and make your joints more flexible
    improves metabolism and digestion
    transforms old patterns of change into the desired ones

Session price and duration:

    60 minutes - 200 PLN

We invite you to the harmony of soul and body.

This massage takes place for people who arrange the restoration of feelings and feelings. For all those who want to be negative, also negative.
Find your own needs.

Property and quiet.